Episode 217: Anger Fire

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This story is from the book QingShi 情史 from the Ming dynasty, around the 17th century. In the book, it says in the Kingdom Shu 蜀, a little princess was born. They found a nanny from outside to take care of the princess. The nanny had a son and couldn’t live with so she brought the son along to the palace. The son and the princess grew up together. Years after, the nanny and his son left the palace since the kids were grown up. The boy got love sickness not too long after moving away from the princess.

One day, the nanny visited the princess and looked worried. The princess asked what happened. The nanny told her about her son. The princess remembered the boy and agreed to meet with the boy at certain date in a temple secretly.

On the date, the young man arrived really early at the temple and waited. Maybe he was too excited the last night, he fell asleep. When the princess arrived, he was still sleeping. The princess stayed there and waited for a really long time, the boy was still sleeping. So the princess put a jade hoop they played together as kids on his body and left.

When the boy woke up, seeing the jade hoop, he released the princess was there. He thought and couldn’t stop blaming himself. In the end, his anger became fire and burned down the whole temple.





情史 QingShi

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