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About Us

Yang Li moved to the US from China in 2012 to study.  He met Nataly in Madison, Wisconsin, and they immediately hit it off.  Yang has always had an interest in making blogs and dating.  Nataly and Yang found interest in learning about stories from each other’s cultures (Asian and Western).

Yang had the idea of recording as many fun and interesting stories about Chinese culture as he could think of and find to share with others on the internet. Thus, the first podcast, and so far only focusing on Chinese mythology, culture, and dating, was born. There are so many great stories from ancient China that we could do this forever.

This is something we do because we enjoy it. Still, we do have other obligations, and your support truly helps us justify all the time Yang and Nataly spend on research and editing episodes every week so that we can keep doing quality episodes of what we love and be able to live as well!  Your support is greatly appreciated.

You can listen to the podcast on Itunes Podcast, Soundcloud, Stitcher & TuneI.

Join us in discussion on Instagram and Twitter, or chat with both of us and ask questions in a live group chat on Discord!

Yang Li
Author and Expert
Hi! I’m Yang Li, an author and dating expert at My goal is to help people find Asian soulmates and stay happy. I have extensive experience in relationship psychology and Asian dating culture. I know how to help men and women realize themselves through online dating.
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