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Chinese Brides: How to Meet Chinese Women in 2024

Just a few decades ago, a Chinese bride marrying a foreigner would face severe social discouragement. Now, over 16 million Chinese citizens marry foreigners yearly, and society has nothing against such a big shift and a new trend. 

These changes made Chinese mail-order brides the new stars of the Asian and global dating markets. Still, many singles ask quite reasonable questions. 

Who is a typical Chinese mail-order bride? What’s her motivation? Who should and who shouldn’t consider finding a Chinese wife? We’ll answer these and many more questions in this guide. 

Top Chinese dating sites 

Men can meet Chinese women for marriage pretty much everywhere. However, the concentration of Chinese singles seeking foreign partners is the highest on niche websites.

We’ve picked the top international dating sites with Asian singles & mail-order bride sites—take a look, learn more about the options, and make a choice among the best platforms.

Best Choice

What makes Chinese women such good wives?

Of course, every man has his own idea of a “good wife.” Still, there are some common reasons why so many Westerners choose Chinese brides. We interviewed dozens of boyfriends and husbands, and most of them agree that relationships with women from China can be very satisfying for the following reasons: 

  • Strong motivation to have a relationship and make it work. This is the first thing that attracts marriage-minded men. The thing is, it’s not that satisfying to build a relationship with someone who has doubts about it, expresses them regularly, someone who puts anything else from friends to ambitions first, and isn’t sure whether or not they need a family. Chinese women are the direct opposite of it. They cherish love and they want it to last. 
  • Confidence and playfulness. It may seem like a weird combination, but it’s rather a common one. Moreover, it may be the secret to that special Chinese woman’s charm. They feel good in their skin and usually have healthy self-esteem. That also positively affects relationships as a confident partner is usually less needy and less jealous overall. 
  • Physical attractiveness. It’s hard to say that’s the main reason why so many guys from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and multiple other countries get Chinese wives. Beauty is important, but it’s not what emotional connections are usually based on. Nonetheless, spouses who are physically attracted to one another have a better chance of building a lasting and healthy relationship. 
  • Great managing skills. Some say Chinese women are too materialistic. Well, their husbands usually argue that the desire for a woman to be with a man able to provide for a family is normal. Moreover, most will note that their wives are also employed and act like top family managers. Chinese women are multi-taskers. They reconcile family roles and careers perfectly, plan budgets, take care of children, etc. But don’t expect them to be submissive domestic servants. Many are into role distribution, but a fair one.
  • Intelligence without snobbism. Most Chinese brides are smart and well-educated. So, if you want to date someone you can always talk to and discuss multiple topics with, China is the right place. Also, though Chinese girls are really intelligent, they aren’t condescending, which helps them make a great impression on people, including their foreign husband’s families and friends.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to marry a woman from China. The question is whether those reasons are important enough for you. 

Must-know statistics about Chinese wives

Of course, the potential traits, characteristics, and qualities of Chinese mail-order wives matter a lot. But we need to keep in mind that this information can’t be 100% accurate. Every individual is unique, and experiences can be subjective. Figures, however, are objective. That’s why we recommend considering statistics when deciding whether to look for or not to look for a bride in a foreign country. 

In the case of China, the most interesting figures are as follows:
  •  In 2022, over 16 million marriages with foreigners were registered in mainland China. The number of such marriages increased for the first time after the global pandemic. 
  • In 2017, the average age at first marriage for women was around 26 years. Now it’s around 29 years. 
  • 39% of women in China are single. Single men outnumber them significantly (over 55% of men have no partners), but that’s explained by the gender imbalance—the direct consequence of the damaging one-child demographic policy.  
  • By 2029, the number of singles using online dating services is expected to reach 92.6 million people. 
  • The current fertility rate in China in 2024 is around 1.7 births per woman, and it’s actually growing.
  • 48% of women would date and marry a partner who is five years older than them.
Chinese wife
Chinese bride

So, what do those figures tell us? First of all, the dating market in China is still huge, and women are still motivated to start families and have children. They tolerate age differences, and though the gender imbalance is quite impressive, many of them still choose foreigners. 

How to find a Chinese wife

Men can meet Chinese brides online or find Chinese singles offline—not relying on chance but using a specific strategy. How’s that possible, and which option is better? Read on to find out. 

💻 Online dating

Not all single guys are ready to change their lives or spend quite serious amounts of money without any guarantees to find a future spouse. That’s why they choose online dating. It can be more diverse than most think, by the way. In particular, those who want to meet Chinese ladies for marriage online can choose among the following options. 

1. Big dating apps 

Here’s the main thing you should be aware of. It’s quite hard to meet locals on such global apps as Tinder. Why? They’re just blocked there. That’s why you can only join local versions like Momo, Tantan, Soul, and Herz. Not all are well-translated, though. Not all are free. Still, most apps let foreigners sign up, and messaging is usually free. But you should consider that most members are looking for local matches only. 

2. Niche dating sites for Asians and foreigners & Asian mail-order bride sites

What about the sites where you’ll directly access the profiles of Chinese women to marry and other Asian brides? Yes, such platforms exist. These are the sites created only for marriage-minded Chinese women intentionally looking for foreign partners. Of course, the chance of finding a wife in places like that will be higher. 

Such platforms have other advantages, too. In particular, profiles are much more detailed, advanced matchmaking algorithms are used, there are more communication features, etc. However, in 100% of cases, a member choosing a top niche website will need to pay for coins, credits, or premium plans. 

3. Social media & networking sites 

Again, it’s China, which means that you won’t be able to just browse some profiles on Instagram and Facebook and chat with someone attractive. These and many more platforms are blocked. Though there are certain ways to circumvent those restrictions, you shouldn’t expect to meet many Chinese women looking for marriage abroad on global social media sites. 

However, you may consider joining local platforms like WeChat,  Sina Weibo, Youku, etc. Again, it won’t be simple to use them as a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese. 

Comparing the options—Which is the best? 

Undoubtedly, Chinese dating websites are the best. They are not perfect, and you’ll need to pay for online dating services, but Chinese women can freely access them. Moreover, these are Chinese women seeking foreign partners, so the chance of finding a dream match is higher both for them and for foreign men. 

How to choose a Chinese mail-order bride site

If you’re going to meet Chinese girls for marriage online, you’ll need to make an effort to choose the right website. It’s half the battle. It won’t be easy as there are quite many offers in the market, and not all of them are good enough, but these tips will help you succeed:

Choose at least 3-5 options with good reputations, decent websites, and policies that seem to be reasonable at least at first glance.
Do deeper research on each option, read more customer reviews, and exclude the platforms that obviously won’t work for you.
Focus on your best sites. Set up free accounts on each to see what the site really has to offer and who the members are.
Test free features, claim bonuses, and test premium features.
Analyze and compare the options, paying special attention to the quality of profiles, members’ activity, efficiency and variety of communication features, prices, value for money, moderation, and security.
Choose the best site that suits your needs perfectly.

Such an analysis will take time, but the result will be worth it. If you make the right choice, you’ll improve your chances of finding a wife in China by hundreds of percent. 

✈️ Offline dating

If you know for sure online dating, especially international online dating, isn’t for you, you may consider the following options: 

  • Migration to China. Obviously, that’s not the easiest step to take. It will work only for people who are fascinated by the culture, have good job opportunities, speak the language, etc. Still, if you take this step, you’ll be able to meet locals everywhere. Considering that many Chinese women are attracted to foreigners, you’ll get enough attention. 
  • Trips to China. Trips are less expensive, less stressful, and less life-changing. Still, there are nuances to consider. First of all, they must be longer than regular vacations. You’ll need time to meet someone. Second, they will be expensive. 
  • Meeting Chinese women without leaving your home country. You may search for Chinese women offline even at home if you live in a place with many Asian migrants. You may attend national events, meet locals in Chinatown, meet Chinese friends through other friends, ask to introduce you to someone, etc. In this case, however, success will depend a lot on luck and circumstances. 

All in all, offline options are more expensive and take way more effort. Still, they may be rather good for people who dream of finding a spouse in China but are absolutely not into online dating. 

Pros and cons of dating & marrying Chinese mail-order brides

Of course, these “pros and cons” are highly subjective. They are mostly generalizations, too. However, if you can’t make a final choice, they may help you weigh all the potential benefits and drawbacks of choosing this path.

  1. A lot of Chinese women are attracted to foreigners, so the chances of finding a girlfriend and a future wife are high. 
  2. Most women in China are interested in long-term romantic relationships and devoted to their partners. 
  3. You can choose where to meet a bride—in more conservative rural parts of China or more progressive urban China.  
  4. Most Chinese women are strong yet feminine, easygoing, funny, smart, well-educated, well-mannered, curious, and quite emotional, which attracts a lot of men. 
  5. A lot of Chinese brides, especially younger brides, speak English rather well and are into the so-called Western culture.
  1. Long-distance relationships are tough to build. 
  2. You’ll need to learn to overcome cultural and language barriers anyway. 
  3. It’s hard for some people to confront the mail-order bride stigmatization. 
  4. Your wife will need much support from you when she migrates to your country. 

For many men, the pros outweigh the cons. However, the most important question is whether advantages seem to matter more to you personally. 

Success stories with Chinese wives


I’d never met Chinese women in real life. Frankly, I didn’t know about the country much either—just the bare minimum that a Westerner who adores Chinese food knows. It all changed one day though. I was on a dating site with members from all over the globe, and a cute girl with a cute name Jing messaged me. That’s when the love story of my whole life started. She was amazing, charming, funny, feminine, a perfect listener, a perfect storyteller, and one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. I thought why not? I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall of China, and after I found an excuse to spend thousands of dollars I went to Shanghai to meet her. We’ve been married for over 7 years now, so basically, it was a perfect investment. 


Over the years, I’ve met women from different countries. I travel a lot on business and stay in destination countries for quite a long time, so I also know something about different cultures. I was married to a Polish woman and an American woman. My friends would laugh out loud at everyone who’d say I’m going to marry a more traditional woman from China one day. I did it, and I’ve never been happier. I respect my wife, and she isn’t trying to compete with me. I support her, and she always supports me. We distributed all the roles and responsibilities, and neither of us felt tired all the time. The only thing I regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner. 

Final thoughts & tips from the author

China may seem too distant and exotic. However, the fact is that Chinese people intermarry, and they do it more often than many people think. The culture isn’t so incredibly different. In fact, it’s enough to follow a few basic rules to impress a Chinese woman: 

  1. Show respect for the culture.
  2. Do everything possible and not possible to make a good impression on her parents.
  3. Show her she’ll be able to rely on you no matter what happens.
  4. Be patient, don’t rush things.
  5. Avoid mentioning any stereotypes about Chinese culture.
  6. Keep in touch always, especially online.
  7. Avoid complaining too much.
  8. Be old-school romantic from time to time.

As you can see, there’s nothing extraordinary. Do deeper research if you want to feel more confident and try your luck. Just note that your success will largely depend on your strategy. 

Try to develop realistic expectations about the experience. You’ll need to spend some time searching for a good site if you choose online dating, and when you find one, don’t expect to get married in a week. Focus on your most compatible partners, communicate, find a soulmate, and build a relationship first online and then offline. That’s how it works. 

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