Episode 160: Hidden Gods

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Today we will talk about a bizarre story from the book YouYangZaZu 酉阳杂俎, Miscellaneous Morsels from YouYang from around the year 803~863 during the Tang dynasty 唐朝.

It says, during the reign of Emperor Shun of Tang 唐顺宗, the year 805, there was a man called Wang Bu 王布 from the capital city Chang An 长安. He was a generous and rich man. Many tourists and businessmen stayed at his house. He had a daughter around 14~15 years old, smart and beautiful. However, she had something growing in her two nostrils. The root of it looks like a rope and the other end looks like soap bean, a common bean in Asia. When being touched, it hurt so much.


Wang Bu had paid so much money to find to best doctors to cure this weird tumor thing, but nothing worked. One day, a monk came and asked Wang Bu, “I heard your dear daughter has some weird decease. Please let me take a look and I have the solution.” Wang Bu was extremely happy and let his daughter to see this monk.

The monk took some white power and blew it into the girl’s nose. Not too long, some liquid ran out of the nostrils and nothing hurt at all. The tumors were gone. Wang Bu offered lots of gold but the monk replied, “I am pursing Tao and don’t need money. All I need is this two tumors.” Wang Bu agreed. The monk left like a wind. Wang Bu thought, he must be a saint.

When the monk left around 5 or 6 blocks away, an handsome young man visited on a white horse and asked, “did a monk come earlier?” Wang Bu told the young man about the monk cured his daughter. The young man looked upset and said, “my horse recently hurt its hoof that I couldn’t make it this time.” Wang Bu askd curiously about what happened. The young man said, “two of the medicine gods in the heaven came to the realm of human secretly. The emperor of the heaven commanded me to catch them back. I just found out they hid in your daughter’s nostrils. But that monk took them before me. I will be punished.” Wang Bu was about the bow the young man disappeared.



Miscellaneous Morsels from YouYang 酉阳杂 俎

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