Episode 145: The Civet Cat For Crown Prince – part 2

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Today we will continue the story The Civet Cat For Crown Prince.


After six years, the crown prince, son of Consort Liu died of diseases. The emperor had no son and heiress again. He selected the son from his younger brother the Eighth Prince to succeed himself. And this son was actually his own son with Consort Li who was almost got killed years ago and became the new crown prince.

Consort Liu was still the queen and this new crown prince was raised by her although she had no idea that this kid was the one she always tried to kill although she was surprised to see the kid kind of looked like the Emperor.

Until one day, the seven year old crown prince was wondering in the place with Chen Lin who saved him and gave him to the the brother of Emperor years ago. When they passed Lenggong and encountered his real mother Consort Li. Chen Lin told him about the story of Consort Li without telling him that’s his real mother however he told Qin Feng 秦凤, who served Consort Li in the palace. For some reason, the crown prince felt extremly connected and couldn’t help crying. Chen Lin worried and dragged the crown price away.

When he went back to told Consort Liu his adventure, Consort Liu began to suspect that the infant had survived years ago and this crown prince in front of her was the kid.

Consort Li, after seeing the crown prince, she was hinted that kid was his son from Qin Feng. She felt waking up from a life-long nightmare and gratefully prayed every night. This was known by Consort Liu and she had a great excuse to let Consort Li disappeared forever. She told the Emperor, “I heard Consort Li is praying every night and she must be cursing your majesty with all her anger.” The emperor heard with no hesitation, that he gave the order of forced suicide to Consort Li.

There was a servant in the place named Yu Zhong 余忠 who knew all the story about Consort Li and coincidentally he looked like her. He volunteered to die for her. He exchanged clothes with Consort Li and suicides on the white silk. On the same night, the palace was caught on fire which was set by the order of Consort Liu just to make sure Consort Li and other people who knew to truth would never bother her in the future.

Consort Li safely escaped from the palace. With years of collecting evidence with the help of Justice Bao, they finally went back to the palace and let the mother and son meet. The son was already 25 years ago and became the Emperor Renzong of Song. The Emperor Renzong eventually accepted his mother and let Justice Bao decide how to punish Consort Liu and her helper Guo Huai.


This is an interesting part. Justice Bao caught Guo Huai and tortured him to conmit his crime. However nothing came out of his mouth. They tricked him get a little bit drunk and during the night, Justic Bao dressed up as Yama, Lord of hell to play on Guo Huai’s fear of guilt. If you want to know more about Yama or Yanluo 阎罗, check out episode 12 The Underworld. Guo Huai really thought he was judged by the Lord of hell since there were people dressing up like ghosts. He confessed all the crime and got punished as he deserved and so did Consort Liu.



The Three Heroes and Five Gallants 三侠五义

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