Episode 135: Parasite – part 2

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Today we will continue the story about a parasite in a man’s body. The story is from the book XuanShiZhi 宣室志 from the Tang dynasty 唐朝 by the author Zhang Du 张读 between the year 834 to 882.

Last time we talked about a man named Lu Yong was told by some barbarians that he had a parasite in his body that eats noodles. He took a purple pill and spit out the parasite.

Lu Yong asked, “how did you find it?”

The barbarians replied, “I can see the atmosphere of treasure every morning located in the Imperial School so we visited you the first time. About one month ago, it moved to here and we came here. The worm was formed with by the pure essences of Heaven and Earth that’s why it looked noodles. Because wheat was planted in the fall and harvested the next year. Let’s try to feed it to prove it.”

Lu Yong put a cup of wheat flour in front of the parasite, within a second, the wheat flour were gone.

Lu Yong asked, “what can the creature do for you?”

The barbarians said, “all the treasures in the world are formed with the essence of the Heaven and Earth. And this creature is the essence of the essence. If you have this one, how can you not get the others?”

The barbarians put the parasite in a bamboo bottle and locked the bottle in a metal case and let Lu Yong keep it until the next day when they came back with tons of gold and silk as the exchange of the parasite.

After that Lu Yong never had a problem with money. He bought houses and gardens and lived a decent life.

A year or so later, the barbarians came back again and said, “would you like to join us for an exploration under the sea? We would like to find some treasures there and we know you are curious about things.”

Lu Yong had been living in a luxurious and peaceful life for a year and this was a fun offer for him. So he joined with the barbarians to the sea. The barbarians built a house on the sea and they put a silver pot on the bonfire. In the silver pot, they put some oil and threw the parasite inside. After 7 days of burning, a boy wearing green jumped out of the sea. The kid was holding a place with a 4 cm pearl on it. The boy offered the pearl to the barbarians. However the barbarians were angry and yelled at him. The boy seemed scared and went back to the sea.


After a meal’s time, an extremely beautiful woman walked out from the sea. Her dress was as think as fog. She was holding a jade plate with more than ten pearls in it. However the barbarians were angry again and yelled at her. She went back to the sea like the boy.

Not too long, an immortal wearing a glamorous headset and a red cape came out of the sea. He was holding a red silky booklet, folded a pearl around 10 cm. The light from the pearl could be seen 10 feet away. This time the barbarians were satisfied and took the pearl from the immortal. They told Lu Yong, “the best treasure is finally here.”

At the same time, they put out the bonfire and took out the parasite from the pot. The parasite was burned inside for days but was jumping around.

One barbarian swallowed the magic pearl and told Lu Yong, “come with me under the sea. Don’t worry.” Lu Yong jumped into the sea with the barbarian and grabbed him clothes. The water split for more than ten feet and the fish and turtles all swam away from them.

Lu Yong followed the barbarian and they visited the dragon place where mermaid or merman lived. We talked about mermaid and merman in Chinese mythology in our ep 55. There were tons of treasures and they took whatever they wanted there.

Lu Yong sold some of the treasures in the south and became more rich. He never went back to become a scholar again and died in the south at an old age.



宣室志 XuanShiZhi

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