Episode 133: Remote Nations Of The World 5

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It has been a while since the last time we talked about the remote nations of the world. Today will be the fifth episode of this series of stories.

One of human’s question about lives is how to live forever. In the book Classics of Mountains and Seas 山海经 from the 4th century BC , there is a kingdom called ChangShengGuo 长生国, meaning the nation of immortality. Just as the name indicates, people from this nations can live for hundreds of years. Those people have dark skin. The secret of their immortality is that people eat the fruits from a kind of immortality and drink the water from the immortality springs.


This is not weird. There is another nation from the book Classics of Mountains and Seas 山海经 called WuQiGuo 无启国, the nation of no offspring. It says, the people from this nation have no children and they live in caves. There aren’t differences between people which indicates there aren’t really two sexes. People survive by eating air, fish and soil. After death, they are buried under the ground. Although the body dies, the soul still is alive. After 120 years, they get back to alive again.


Which way would you choose to live between these two?



山海经 Classics of Mountains and Seas

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