Episode 131: Ancient Chinese Jokes 2 – Alcoholics

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Laugh is a world language. People from different cultures all have jokes and today we will start a new series in our podcast about ancient Chinese jokes and hope you can laugh or smile about it.

One of the most famous book of jokes is called XiaoFu 笑府 by the author Feng Menglong 冯梦龙, who was a Chinese writer and poet of the Ming dynasty, between the year 1574 ~ 1646. The book contains almost 600 jokes. Our series will start with this book.

We will tell two jokes about alcoholics today.

The first joke, it says, there is a person who loved drinking. One day, he had a great dream that he got this great sake that he could drink. He was thinking about heat it first so it would taste better. Before the sake was heated, he woke up from the dream. He regretted so much and thought, “I should have drunk it cold. ”

The second joke, it says, there was an alcoholics. In his testament, he wrote, please bury me naked under the ground after I die. One day, when my body was decomposed and became part of the soil, please take it out and make it into a liquor bottle and fill it with booze.




笑府 XiaoFu


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