Episode 129: How Does A Lazy Person Eat Bread?

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How lazy can a person be? Today we will talk about a popular Chinese folklore about how a lazy person eats bread. I am not sure where this folklore is from and when it started however it seems almost every Chinese kids heard about this folklore.

In the ancient time, there is a man called LanDong 兰东. He wasn’t a bad person just being lazy all the time. His wife served him with food and everything he needed day after day, year after year. He was so lazy that he lied on the bed all day long doing nothing.


One day, his wife needed to visit her family for a few days. Before she left, she cooked a huge flat bread that he could eat for those days when she was away.His wife knew he was too lazy to get up, she had a genius idea that she put a rope through the flat bread and put it on his neck like a necklace. So all he needed to do was bite, chew and swallow.


He was too lazy to say goodbye to his wife. During the three or four days, his wife had a great time with her family but started to worry about him. She hurried back home and as soon as she opened the door, she saw her husband was already dead. Any guesses how it happened?

Apparently her husband only bite the part of bread right under his mouth and he was too lazy even to turn around the bread.


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