Episode 127: Jesus in China?

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Today we will tell a story about how a carpenter cured the blind. It is from the book ChaoYeQianZai 朝野佥载from around the year 700 during the Tang dynasty 唐朝. I says during the reign of TaiZong of Tang 唐太宗 between the year 627~ 649, there is a family in the place called DingZhou 定州. The mother suddenly got blind one day and the family found a man who did fortunetelling to figure out what to do. The fortunetelling guy said, “on the first day of the third month next year, a man wearing blue clothes from the east can cure your mother’s eyes.”

The whole family was hopeful and waited until that day in the next year. On that day, the whole family waited at the gate and as what they were told, a man wearing blue clothes walking from the east. The family was excited and invited the man into the house with a feast. The man was probably confused and flattered until after the feast he was acknowledged that the family was looking forward his help with the mother’s blind eyes.

The man was shocked and said, “I am just a carpenter and I can only make plows I am not a doctor. But since I am already here with a free feast, how about I make a plow for you as a gift.” The family was disappointed but couldn’t do anything but let the carpenter did his work.


The carpenter started to look for materials and saw a tree next to a well. The branches of the tree covered the well. Since the tree provided great materials for a plow, he cut down the tree.

Suddenly interesting thing happened, the mother could see again. It seems like the mother was blind because the branches were covering the well.

Was that carpenter Jesus?




朝野佥载 ChaoYeQianZai

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