Episode 81 : The Assassin Lady Nie — part 3

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In our last episode, we talked about Nie YinNiang and her husband was on the way to assassinate Liu ChangYi and changed their mind after seeing him and started work for him. We will finish our story today.

After one month or so since Nie YinNiang and her husband worked for Liu ChangYithey informed Liu ChangYi that, “our previous leader who assigned us to kill you doesn’t know what happened after we left. He will surely to send other people to assassinate you. Please cut some your hair and put it in a red silk bag. I will send it to my old leader to tell him the truth.”

In the middle of the night, Nie YinNiang came back and told Liu ChangYi , “I sent out the red bag. I am sure he would send JingJiangEr 精精儿 to kill me and you tomorrow night. I will deal with him. Don’ worry.” Liu ChangYi like always didn’t show any fear.

The next night, the house was lit up as day. In the middle of the night, people saw two flags a red and a white fighting with each other. After a while, a person fell on the ground with the body and head detached. Nie YingNiang came up and claimed that she killed JingJingEr. She liquefied the dead body as she was taught and nothing was left.


Nie YinNiang told Liu ChangYI, “after two day, Tian Ji An would send KongKongEr 空空儿 to kill us. KongKongEr is so fast that I can hardly catch him. It’s a gamble this time. You need to wear a jade around your neck and put blanket on you when you sleep that night. I will ambush near you”

The night after two days, Liu ChangYi lied on the bed and closed his eyes. In the middle of the night, he heard a loud sound Bang on his neck. Nie YingNiang came up and comforted him , “you are safe now. KongKongEr is like an eagle that I only had one change. He was ashamed of his failure and flew away.” She then checked the jade on the neck, there was a deep crack from a dagger. Liu ChangYi awarded the couple for saving his life.

After a few years, Liu ChangYi was assigned by the emperor to move to the capital. Nie YinNiang didn’t want to move there and said, “from now on I would travel around and visit and learn from the great sages. Don’t worry about me. Just give my husband a job. ” Liu ChangYi did what Nie YinNiang wanted and left.

After that, nobody knew where Nie YinNiang went until after Liu ChangYi’s death, she traveled to the capitol and cried at his tomb.


During the reign of WenZong of Teng 唐文宗, around the year 836 to the year 840, Liu ChangYi’s son LiuZong 刘纵became the governor in LinZhou 陵州 and accidentally ran into NieYinNiang one day. She looked exactly like years ago riding the same white donkey. They were glad to meet each other again.


Nie YinNiang said, “you will have a disaster here. You shouldn’t stay here” and gave LiuZhong a pill. “Don’t accept the position and go back to LuoYang. My pill can only help you for a year.” LiuZong offered some premium silk as gift for Nie YinNiang but she didn’t accept and left. LiuZong didn’t care about Nie YinNIang’s words and still accepted the official position offer. After one year, he died at LinZhou. Nobody heard about Nie YinNiang after that.

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