Episode 80 : The Assassin Lady Nie — part 2

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In our previous episode, we talked about Nie YinNiang learned to be an assassin from a nun for five years and was sent back to her family. We will continue our story today.

After Nie YinNiang was back, she was out every night and came back after sunrise. Her father Nie Feng was afraid to ask anything since he kinda of knew what his daughter was capable of. He didn’t treat her as the innocent girl he needed to protect as five years ago.


One day, a young man who made a living of polishing mirrors came to the house of Nie. Just to explain here that in ancient China, mirror were made of copper in the Tang dynasty and was needed to be polished once a while. Nie YinNiang told her father, “this man can be my husband and I want to marry him”. Nie Feng was afraid to say no his daughter and so Nie YinNiang got married. The husband only knew how to polish mirrors but nothing else. Nie Feng was a general and he was rich enough to provide the newly married couple everything they need and Nie YinNiang moved out with her husband.

After years, Nie Feng died. Nie Feng’s old leader the regional governor Tian JiAn knew something about Nie YinNiang’s background probably from Nie Feng and paid Nie YinNiang and her husband as his guard.

During the reign of XianZeng of Tang 唐宪 宗, around the year 806 to the year 820, the regional governor Tian JiAn had conflicts with another governor called Liu ChangYi 刘昌裔 and he assigned Nie YinNiang to assassinate Liu ChangYi.

It is interesting that Liu ChangYi was known for his prophetic skills and he already felt that Nie YinNiang was coming for him before she arrived. Liu ChangYi assigned army to wait for her in the north gate of the town on the morning when Nie YinNiang would show up. Just as all he predicted, the couple showed up riding a black and a white donkey. Nie YinNiang bowed to the leader of the army and said, “we are coming to see Liu ChangYi.” The leader of the army treated the couple as VIP guests. Nie YinNiang accomplished Liu ChangYi, “Mr. Liu is for sure a legend that he already knew we were coming. We for sure want to visit him.”


Liu ChangYi showed up without fear. Nie YinNiang keeled down and said, “we apologize that we are planning to assassinate you.” Liu ChangYi replied, “don’t feel guilty. You are just doing your job for your leader. From that perspective, I have no difference with your leader. Please stay here without any suspicion.” Nie YinNiang thanked him and said, “it seems like you need guards and we are help to work for you. I really admire you.” Liu ChangYi asked them how much they needed to be paid. Nie YinNiang said 200 wen 文 a day would be enough, which was not too much money.


One day, Liu ChangYin didn’t see the two donkeys the couple came with and asked people to help searching. In the end, two paper made donkeys were found in a bag, a black and a white.

We will continue our story in the next episode.

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